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General Information

Following the signature of the protocol regarding the opening of vocational colleges of health services within high schools of health between the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health on February 2nd,1992, the institution was officially converted into the School of Health Services as a part of Gazi University on May 18th,1993 and started to offer education to 19 students.

In accordance with the regulations dated May 23th,1995, education period in the departments of midwifery, nursing and health service was extended to 4 years by Supreme Health Council and a cooperation protocol regarding schools of health was signed by the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health on November, 26th,1996 to enable these schools to use the buildings of high schools of health which belong to the Ministry oh Health.

In line with the decisions of Council of Ministers with No. 96/8655 dated November 2nd, 1996 which was published in the Official Gazette No. 22805 dated October 10th,1996, associate degree nursing programme was dissolved and the school, which was renamed as Kastamonu School of Health under Gazi University, started to offer 4-year-bachelor’s degree education on November 22nd, 1996.

While it was a part of Gazi University previously, School of Health was connected to Kastamonu University which was founded on the basis of the law no 5467 enacted on March 1st, 2006 and is carrying out educational activities in its new building located on Kuzeykent campus.

School administration consists of the director, two assistant directors, secretary, academic board and administrative board.

Fazıl Boyner School of Health includes the following four departments:

  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Social Services
  • Management of Health Institutions

But for the time being the school offers education only within the department of nursing.

Academic staff of the school includes 1 professor, 1 assistant professor, 8 instructors and 8 research assistants.

The school offers bachelor’s degree education to prospective nurses who are among the health staff the country needs and every year 90 students enroll in the department of nursing in accordance with their quantitative scores in the university entrance exam. Department of nursing, which has 332 students, 73 of which are male, provides theoretical courses as well as internship practices. Our school aims at equipping the prospective nurses, which the country needs, with the highest qualifications. In parallel with the requirements of field of health, the school tries to increase the level and quality of the education it provides.

Department of nursing pursues activities including internship practices, health seminars, vaccination campaigns and other activities carried out in the institutions of health and social services as a part of life long health education.

Fazıl Boyner School of Health pursues its educational activities in its building located on Kuzeykent campus.